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Good and better app . It's very trust app. Suprab admin sir and his teen. Welldon. 25000 rs fast payment kar diya.thanks

Kxxxx May 22,2021 09:00PM

Very nice app fast service mera 1000 ka widrwol huva thanku admin

MADANEDAxxxx May 22,2021 05:28PM


Cxxxx May 22,2021 04:01PM

nice app ...iam successful with drawl 4000 tq admin

sadhxxxx May 21,2021 06:20PM

Osm Site , Fast Withdrawal Thanks Admin Sir

Nxxxx May 21,2021 01:30PM

Super site dosto aaj mera fir time se phle widhrol mila daily time se phele widhrol karne ke liye dhnywad sir ji....

Rahulguptaxxxx May 20,2021 07:50PM

Today 5000rs received , Good Service , thanks Admin Sir

Nxxxx May 20,2021 02:58PM

Pemant time pr milta h

Santosh Kxxxx May 20,2021 12:59PM

5000 rs withdrawal successfully

Msh Hiremxxxx May 20,2021 11:22AM

5000 rs withdrawal successfully

Msh Hiremxxxx May 20,2021 11:20AM

Trusted app hai bindas khelo

Bharaxxxx May 19,2021 07:51PM

Thank u Ajj mera 20000rs withdraw huwa

Kalyaxxxx May 19,2021 03:26PM

Very very good site dosto jam kar khelo full trusted site .. mera aaj bi time se phele widhrol hua or hamesa hi time se widhrol karne ke liye dhnywad .. thanx matka plya team

Rahulguptaxxxx May 19,2021 02:55PM

withdrawal timing kya hai

njxxxx May 19,2021 12:34PM

Ram ram ka nam lete raho or korona ko dur karo Very good app he

Rxxxx May 18,2021 09:51PM

Milan night - 7,9 Rajdhani Night-4,9

Devendraxxxx May 18,2021 08:36PM

Good app mera bhi 2000 ka payment aaj huva Thank u

MJ xxxx May 18,2021 05:45PM


CG~kixxxx May 17,2021 11:08PM

Payment kaise withdrawal Hota Haii

Nxxxx May 17,2021 10:59PM


Vkxxxx May 17,2021 08:42PM

Good app mera bhi 5000 ka payment Aaj hua hai

3604xxxx May 17,2021 06:22PM

Best app hai money kamana hai tho ye app ma play karo Play karo win karo best of best 5000rs withdraw huwa Thank u

Aaxxxx May 17,2021 05:32PM


Sreenurxxxx May 17,2021 04:55PM

Super site dosto india ki no. Payment site hamesa hi time se payment mera aaj bi time se phele payment hua thanx matka play team..

Rahulguptaxxxx May 17,2021 04:20PM

Kalyan 05. 55. 00. 50.

xxxx May 17,2021 03:47PM

Good afternoon dear all

Khajaxxxx May 17,2021 02:38PM

Hello friends

Bharatxxxx May 16,2021 10:22PM

Hello sir

Bharatxxxx May 16,2021 10:19PM


Msh Hiremxxxx May 16,2021 06:56PM

Sridevi open fixxxx 1.....6.....5....2

Msh Hiremxxxx May 16,2021 06:54PM

Time bazar close 2 7 9 5

xxxx May 16,2021 03:15PM

Time bazar close 2 7 9 5

xxxx May 16,2021 03:10PM

Milan day 38,32 Time close 3,8 Khelo Milaan open 788,247 Khelo

3604xxxx May 16,2021 01:44PM

Hii friends____

Chintuxxxx May 16,2021 01:08PM

Super app

starkinxxxx May 16,2021 10:48AM

Supreme market chalu karo isme sir

xxxx May 15,2021 10:16PM

Thanks Mahaveer 4 blast

Gknaixxxx May 15,2021 08:02PM

Milan night 3 open 32,38 jodi khelo 247,229 patti

3604xxxx May 15,2021 07:36PM

Good side for matak play game and safe

Ashwixxxx May 15,2021 05:44PM

Hi friends I am new

Srikantxxxx May 15,2021 11:13AM

Main bazar open 4,8 daba k khlo

Sarthaxxxx May 14,2021 08:00PM

Kalyan close 4-0-7 Good evening to friends

Mahaveer Sxxxx May 14,2021 05:26PM

Hii All Frndss

Nxxxx May 14,2021 11:40AM

Very Good game...Very fast and Original Game...????

manuxxxx May 13,2021 07:55PM

Nice app

wdaxxxx May 13,2021 07:51PM

Aaj 4000 with draw kariya super site tanku admin have a nice site

sugali chandra xxxx May 13,2021 03:24PM

Very nice site withdrawal services is very good thanks to admin sir and matka play team

Matka xxxx May 13,2021 02:49PM

2300/- withdraw hogaya. Super fast site. Bindas khelo

rameshxxxx May 13,2021 02:25PM


A8xxxx May 13,2021 12:54PM

How to add money

KNxxxx May 13,2021 11:32AM

Super suprr site withdraw k lye

Rsabxxxx May 13,2021 07:08AM


Shahrukh xxxx May 12,2021 09:36PM

Very good app tq admin sir very fast service withdrawal amount very nice with in 15 mintes 3000 in my account tq admin sir

xxxx May 12,2021 05:00PM

Very good app tq admin sir very fast service withdrawal amount very nice with in 15 mintes 3000 in my account tq admin sir

xxxx May 12,2021 04:58PM

Very good site dosto jam kar khelo bindass app mera sir 5 mint me hi widhrol ho gya than matka play tema

Rahulguptaxxxx May 12,2021 02:41PM

Best widrl site no 1 matka site

Bhixxxx May 12,2021 11:46AM

Very good app prompt service, fast payment play bindass ????

vijaxxxx May 11,2021 09:15PM

2500 with draw huwa 30 minute me with draw hogaya Very fast service Thank you admin sir

Kalxxxx May 11,2021 05:49PM

Bhai 40000 a sahe ha

Junxxxx May 11,2021 05:37PM

Very very nice app mera 1500 ka widrwol fast huva thanku admin 1000% rakhar is site pe khelo

MADANEDAxxxx May 11,2021 03:19PM


amirkhan528a@gmailxxxx May 11,2021 06:53AM

Very nice site Mera 40000 rs payment fast kar diya aaj. Good And suprab admin and his hole teem very trusted site. Thanks admin sir and his marks play teem

Kxxxx May 10,2021 09:14PM

Trust ka doosra naam h play kro bindas all the best to all players.....

xxxx May 10,2021 05:53PM

This site is nice withdrawal fix milta hai without tension play matka site this best site Mera withdrawal aaj 1000 ho Gaya hai dosto

Kshirsagxxxx May 10,2021 05:18PM

Admin app withdrawal proof screen shot Diya Karo taki logo lo bharosa ho ga

Kshirsagxxxx May 10,2021 01:07PM

Hi f r d I'm new Marnig melan 50 55 00 05

Junxxxx May 10,2021 10:17AM

Hi f r d I'm new Marnig melan 50 55 00 05

Junxxxx May 10,2021 10:14AM

Kl kalyan me kya ayega bhai log

Satyxxxx May 09,2021 08:45PM

Aaj ka main mumbai day ka result kyu nhi dala

Iloveixxxx May 09,2021 05:10PM

Good and trusty app.night ko bhi payment kar dete hai. Thanks admin and his teem

Kxxxx May 09,2021 11:05AM


vnkxxxx May 09,2021 09:26AM

Hii admin

vnkxxxx May 09,2021 08:24AM

Nice site fast withdrawal thanks matka play team , Super fast withdraw 1000/-

xxxx May 08,2021 03:39PM

Nice site fast withdrawal thanks matka play team , Super fast withdraw 1000/-

xxxx May 08,2021 03:39PM

1 no matkaply very fast widrawal very nice service and fast service.bindas khelo

Jaykxxxx May 08,2021 03:29PM

Very very fast withdrawal payment thanks matkapay app...

Boya mallikharxxxx May 08,2021 02:42PM

Very very good matkapay app

Boya mallikharxxxx May 08,2021 02:41PM

Hi Boss Nice app.... fast withdrawal... Thanks matkapay app thanks ...

Boya mallikharxxxx May 08,2021 02:40PM


Boya mallikharxxxx May 08,2021 02:15PM

Sir... shridevi day, night add kre

Shailendxxxx May 08,2021 01:13PM


Mbxxxx May 07,2021 07:53PM


Mbxxxx May 07,2021 07:47PM

Hello ....

Mbxxxx May 07,2021 07:44PM

Kese ho bhai log

Satyxxxx May 07,2021 07:15AM


Satyxxxx May 07,2021 07:14AM

Nice site fast withdrawal thanks matka play team

Matka xxxx May 06,2021 08:48PM

Sridevi day /night. Dalo

bharat@xxxx May 06,2021 02:19PM

Sridevi game Saitme rahina chaiye ????????

xxxx May 05,2021 11:56PM

Super sar app

xxxx May 05,2021 09:42PM

Very good and very trusty site. Fast payment.ho gaya mera 30000rs ka.good admin and matks play teem.

Kxxxx May 05,2021 03:22PM

Tnku admin today 2250 rupees with draw hogaya

sugali chandra xxxx May 05,2021 02:32PM

Hi ,I need an agent I'd .can u give me I want to run in my location.

Katxxxx May 05,2021 10:09AM

No.1 site hai .bindas play karo. Very nice admin and marks play teem.good and fast withdraw..3 bajese pahale hi payment ho jata hai.

Kxxxx May 05,2021 09:23AM

Hi nice app 9

Sapan kumar kxxxx May 05,2021 09:00AM

I am new

Santosh Kxxxx May 05,2021 07:53AM

Super fast withdraw 1000/-

rameshxxxx May 04,2021 08:30PM

Kalyan close 8-9-0

Mahaveer Sxxxx May 04,2021 05:45PM

Nice app

Mantu22xxxx May 04,2021 02:56PM

Mast side hai bindas play

Sharmaxxxx May 04,2021 02:28PM

Hi ????

vijaxxxx May 04,2021 02:02PM

satta matka whatsapp

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